Questions for your Remodeling Contractor


Are you registered with the state?

It is illegal for home renovation contractors to operate without being registered.
Check their registration at: 


How long have you been in business?

The warranty on your project is only valid if the contractor is still in business.  30% of contractors close in the first 2 years.

Since 1976 ?

What is your Better Business Rating?

Did you know that business that don't have a rating or have a lower ratings don't have to maintain the higher customer service requirements of the Better Business Bureau?

Fully Accredited

ZERO complaints

Do you have workman's compensation insurance?

If a worker is hurt on your property, then you will be responsible for all his medical bills unless the contractor has proper workers compensation insurance.


Do you carry liability insurance of $2 million?

If there is an accident that causes property damage to you or your neighbor's house, you will be responsible for it unless your contractor has proper liability coverage.


Will your insurance agent send me proof of insurance?

Many unscrupulous contractors show certificates on policies where they have not paid the premiums.  You must call the agent to verify!


Are all the people you send employees?

Don't find out later that the contractor hired uninsured or under insured sub-contractors to perform work!


Do you provide a written contract following state guidelines?

The state requires that all contractors doing work over $1000 provide a written agreement that follows a specified format.  Failure to follow this will result in the contractors license being revoked. 


Will you obtain a building permit?

If the work is started without a proper permit you will be liable for fines and for the job being stopped by the town.  If you obtain the permit personally, you will not have access to the state guaranty fund.


Is the down payment less than 1/3 of the project?

It is illegal for a contractor in Massachusetts to require a down payment exceeding 1/3 of the project unless there are special order materials.

Questions for Contractor References    

Did the contractor show up when promised?

There is nothing more aggravating than sitting at home all day waiting for a contractor that never shows up.


Was the work completed on schedule?

A good contractor finishes work on schedule.


Did the contractor return your calls?

A hard to reach contractor is a sign of an irresponsible contractor.


Did the contractor respond quickly to any problems?

Don't end up with a list of issues the contractor won't deal with.


Was the job completed to your satisfaction?

Good contractors have satisfied customers.


Was the job completed on Budget?

Good contractors establish a honest budget with a plan for some problems, and communicate any deviations quickly and clearly.


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